An introduction to the size of a Children sofa

- Mar 04, 2018 -

     The size of a Children sofa  should be matched with the height of the body. In addition, it should be combined with the age and body of the child, which makes the children feel comfortable and beneficial to their healthy growth. It should also pay attention to the size of the furniture is in accordance with the height of sitting and sleeping child, therefore, choose not too soft bed for children, because children in the growth and development of bone and spine, not fully developed in place, a soft bed is easy to cause deformation of bones of children. There are many dimensions of Children sofa. Parents need to decide according to their age, height and body size.  Besides,  parents should pay attention to the following items when buying Children sofa

1., when mothers choose sofa for children, they should choose materials that are safe and healthy. If the sofa is painted on the outside, it must be a healthy and environmentally friendly paint. Because the baby's skin is very delicate, so it can't touch the low - grade material and the inferior paint and so on. 

2. mothers in the children choice of sofa, the best choice of other more creative, unique sofa, gorgeous color is better, because the brain development and the kids around the environment are closely related, bright colors, creative things can inspire his potential and imagination, is very helpful to the development of physical and mental health of children. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the cartoon style that baby likes. 

3., we need to consider the safety of the baby. Therefore, the fabric sofa is better in material selection, because the sofa is usually softer, and the children are more active, and often knock easily. The sofa can reduce the injury probability of the baby. If you need to choose a wooden sofa, you'd better choose a sofas with a rounded corner.


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