Benefits of buying fabric sofas

- Sep 30, 2017 -

The modern style sofa has become dominant in the market, especially the American fabric sofa for American fabric sofa with its tight structure, exquisite materials, scientific design, elegant and comfortable and creative favored, has become a mainstream market sofa.

Fabric sofa color fresh, chic style, fashionable, low carbon environmental protection, easy maintenance. In the soft furniture in the sofa, the hammock is the most popular furniture, young people are more focused on this type of product, suitable for small space, funding is not too big to people, but also with their mood change in different colors!

(1) change the sofa cloth cover. When you buy cloth art sofa, you can add two sets or even more sofa cloth covers, different styles, different materials, different colors, so as to prepare your living room anytime, anywhere, change, charm, color!

(2) easy to clean. More sofa cloth can be replaced, but also easier to clean, put into the washing machine, half an hour later, and give you a new sofa style!

(3) comfortable sitting and strong ventilation. Soft fabric gives you a comfortable feel and makes you feel more comfortable in your leisure time!

(4) safety, low carbon and environmental protection. Hand made fabrics, solid wood frame, high-density sponge, give you a warm and environment-friendly home life!

Pay attention to details of fabric sofa

When buying, you must first feel the elasticity of the filling with your hand. The elasticity is too small and the filling is too thin. It is not durable and easy to collapse". If the sofa is fitted with cushions, you can make a preliminary judgment by looking at the lining and padding. Then, the sales staff should be asked in detail about the fabric texture, should be dry cleaning or washing, after washing whether ironing, and should pay special attention to whether the different parts of the fabric are the same way. Finally, pay attention to the material of the sofa legs. The sofas with fine metal legs should be fitted with non slip pads to prevent scratching the floor or making noise while moving.

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