Elements of chair design

- Sep 30, 2017 -

Practicality: practicality refers to the beginning and development of people's living needs. Modern furniture is not only reliable, applicable and safe, but also more important to satisfy its function and comfort. Both the static load or dynamic load of furniture furniture, should according to the basic principles of ergonomics, combined with the human physiological and psychological needs, design a reasonable scale of the furniture and the space division distance, creating a maximum comfort and convenience and safety, visual beauty to consumers, eventually return to the best practical effect. Modern furniture gives people the aesthetic feeling, through the people's vision, touch, senses to experience and induction. The practicability of furniture is verified by people's repeated use, exposure and identification. Modern furniture designer's level, only through hard exploration, long-term practice and constant sum up, in order to make their design works gradually reach the goal of improving design.

The art of modern furniture is not only the simple daily consumer goods, furniture products as a kind of cultural phenomenon in the development of today, it is modern human life in regulating the indoor environment art, decoration, is a new generation of consumer goods into the art and practical in one. It is also an important movement and theme that directly influences the artistic effects of the interior furnishings and the cultural taste of the modern bedroom. Therefore, the modern furniture designer must seriously study and analyze the artistic problems in the furniture design elements from this height. The furniture design process, an indispensable to some basic methods in the design of flexible use of practical art, such as the appearance of the product form stable equilibrium; harmonic and linear aura; and vivid lifelike decorative patterns; hardware accessories style choice; designers need to work in practice, and constantly improve the level of discipline the cultivation of the practical art of their own, in order to adapt to the fierce competition in the domestic market internationalization trend China. Without good product design, there will be no more market share.

Process: as mentioned above, the technology content of products, manufacturing of furniture industry in China has undergone tremendous changes, different structural styles of several generations of process structure characteristics of the furniture, furnishings are in different environment and shopping malls if trouble appeared, 1. The most prominent development is panel furniture, or solid wood furniture. In 70s, chairs designed to promote more KD type furniture, today has developed into an international advanced level of RTA furniture.

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