How the old sofa refurbished

- Feb 20, 2018 -

1. How to refurbish the old wooden sofa

The old wooden sofa to renovate all? Before the retrofit, first clean up again, the dirty things on the sofa removed, especially a few corner corner of the dust, must be wiped clean, and summarize the reasons under the sofa now looks like the old hair. And then communicate with the family, to find out what kind of wood belongs to the sofa. If the paint is painted, it is necessary to use sand paper for fine grinding and remove the surface paint. The sofa made of this material is actually relatively easy to refurbish, so long as the paint is done again, if there are some damaged wooden structures, it is necessary to ask the woodworking to make corrections, but generally it costs less.

Two. How to refurbish the old leather sofa

How to renovate the old sofa leather? If the home sofa is leather, or leather sofa looks good, old, just because the dirt more, or some stains only, does not need to be renovated, only need to come clean on the hull. Some indeed years too long or because the material is not good and peel phenomenon play monk, just need to find a job to customization, wrapped in a layer of good, but because the entire surface is needed for the case, spending will be relatively higher.

Three. How to refurbish the old cloth sofa

How to renovate the old sofa cloth hoot? This is relatively easy to dirty, easy to grease stain on what, but it is relatively easy to replace. As long as we find the appropriate sofa set to the market to do better. If there is a phenomenon of deformation in the sofa, such as springs and so on, find a master to replace the spring, and you can actually make it manually, and it will cost much less.

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