How to choose a folding sofa

- Feb 20, 2018 -

1. How to pick up a folding sofa - look at the frame

The folding sofa frame is generally hard wood or metal stents in the selection can be sofa around forced repeatedly shake, strong feelings framework, and based on the consent salesperson agreed to under the open seat bottom cloth a closer look, no rot, no insects, no scar, no bark hardwood or wood wool smooth production, and material and material connection is not a nail, but with a notch or export each bite, and then glue, so it is a good folding sofa.

2. How to choose a folding sofa - look at the size

Folding sofa should sit and lie, so the size must be appropriate, generally the seat height to 35-42 cm, 48-55 cm in depth of the seat, the backrest inclination of the best in 100-108 degrees, the height of the armrest between 62-65 cm, so that it meets the artificial principle, it is not conducive to human muscle relax. It is easy to cause the body aches with long time. 

3. How to pick up a folding sofa -- to see the flexibility

Most of the folding couch, when changing from sofa to bed, need to open the folding bayonet or draw out the chute. Some sofa bed also has pulley at the bottom, so that the owner can easily move the location. So these activities' joints are also the key parts of the sofa bed. Ji'nan family is supposed to buy and pull the sofa bed for many times when it is bought and bought, and it feels that it will not be slippery when changing in different angles.

4. How to pick up a folding sofa - look at the sponge and the elasticity

High quality sofa cushion and back cushion should use a high elastic foam sponge with a density of 30 and 25 kg / cubic meters respectively. In order to improve the sitting comfort, some still do a soft foam to ensure the treatment does not reduce the density of the premise, to set up some vertical spring in the cushion, the sofa has higher flexibility and anti aging properties. In general, the sofa cushion after the body sits down to about 10 centimeters is the best.

5. How to pick up the folding sofa - look at the fabric

In the purchase of folding sofa, leather to burnish, no scar, texture, texture delicate, live a upwards tug pinch with the finger tips, should handle flexible strong, after the nap can sit wrinkles disappear or not obvious, such fine leather leather; selection of fabric folding sofa, to carefully observe the fabric is fine and smooth, no jump wire, and choose to wear thick, detachable type sofa bed bed, convenient cleaning, or replacement of the bed in the room after the increase of change.

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