How to clean cloth sofa

- Feb 20, 2018 -

Sofa cleaning method: wash directly

Now the sofa is mostly detachable, so we can direct the sofa dirty removed, washed way after the wash and then set back on it, but in the choice of sofa should pay attention to the disassembly of cloth cover is convenient, and the sofa is fade, should choose good quality the sofa should not fade.

Cleaning method for cloth sofa two: clean water scrubbing

Some cloth sofa is only stained locally. Ordinary small places can wipe the stains on the sofa by washing the way of clean water. It is simple and convenient for the sofa to shine.

Cloth sofa cleaning method three: washing detergent scrub

If the above method is not able to wipe out stains with clean water, then we must consider the use of cleaning agents to erase. The scrubbing tools should better use sponge to match, because the sponge has good water absorption, friction can generate static electricity, and easy to clean fabric sofa stains.

Cloth sofa cleaning method four: professional cleaning

If there is a sofa large stains, please recommend professional sofa cleaning cleaning staff, because of their large stains is not easy to erase, because not good grasp is washed with water or detergent wash, if improper cleaning, will cause some damage to the sofa, the effect of external appearance, only please professionals to clean up more appropriate,

Summary: This is the cleaning method of the cloth sofa, which is introduced by X group for you. You should know how to clean the cloth sofa. The fabric sofa has some trouble in cleaning, but the fabric sofa has beautiful, fashionable, affordable, soft touch and varied styles. It is the most popular sofa in all kinds of sofa nowadays.

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