How to clean fabric sofa?

- Sep 30, 2017 -

In the young group Home Furnishing layout, mostly the choice of sofa fabric sofa, sofa sofa as compared with other materials to cheaper prices, and fabric sofa more soft and comfortable, convenient decoration style layout with Home Furnishing. But the sofa has a mishap, is because the surface is easy to dirty cloth

Fabric sofa cleaning methods: 1, vacuum cleaner

Fabric sofa is a useful defect, cloth is easy to vacuum, so in the fabric sofa cleaning, you should regularly use vacuum cleaners and so on the surface of the sofa vacuum treatment.

Sofa cleaning method: 2, direct and

Now the sofa of some or most can put all the sofa cloth set down, so we can in the sofa dirty directly removed were washed clean after set back, but this requires you to purchase the sofa should pay attention to whether the convenient disassembly sofa cloth, cloth is also different cleaning in different ways, the elastic sleeve is relatively simple, the direct use of washing machine at home cleaning is good, if flax quality recommended to send laundry dry cleaning.

Fabric sofa cleaning methods: 3, clean water

Cloth sofa dirty way, the degree of pollution are different, ordinary small place dirty, do not need to remove the sleeve, just need to scrub with water.

Fabric sofa cleaning methods: 4, cleaning detergent

After the dirty sofa with water if not clean dirty place requires scrub with special cleaning agents, best sponge, absorbent sponge, the friction can produce static electricity, very convenient cleaning sofa stains. However, pay attention to the stain, different cleaning agents should be used to scrub, so that targeted cleaning can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

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