Introduction of children inflatable sofa

- Sep 09, 2018 -

1, light and easy to use. Before the inflatable body is like a thin quilt, it will be packed to walk away from you.

2. Exhaust bladder solid bladder. It can actively adjust the supporting force according to the pressure of different parts of the body, feel the considerate care and give you the healthiest sleep feeling. Its adjustable degree of softness and hardness fully conforms to ISPA international bedding organization standards.

3, carefully design the internal horizontal ventilation slot. The inflatable sofa carefully designed the advection ventilation system between the inner layer material and the air gallbladder. It not only completely maintains the appearance of the bed (cushion) and the supporting capacity, but also completely abandons the traditional bed (cushion) poor air permeability or the humidity and humidity caused by the upper and lower ventilation problems, playing the desired effect of health care and disease prevention preaching.

4. The design of mattress cover can be changed.

5, carrying and collecting is very convenient. The inflatable sofa is also easy to carry. It is convenient for mobile, cleaning, cleaning, collecting, and virtually relieving mental stress. Many young people's homes have become inflatable furniture "magic show."

The use of children inflatable sofa:

Children's inflatable sofa holds up half the sky, it is not only colorful, unique and interesting shape, but also you can call it, waving it away. When you're happy and in need, fill it up. It doesn't take 10 minutes for it to appear in front of you. When it's suspected of occupying a place, just open the stoma and it disappears immediately. Therefore, when you need to move or move, you can easily take it away. It is very easy and fast.



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