Introduction to the related knowledge of Children sofa

- Mar 04, 2018 -

The characteristics of the Children sofa:

1, the Children sofa is one of the environmentally friendly furniture, the auxiliary materials for environmental protection furniture should be energy saving, pollution-free, easy to recover. The design of environmental friendly furniture is in line with the principles of ergonomics, reducing redundant functions. Under normal and abnormal use, it will not bring adverse effects and harm to the human body. In the design and production process of environmental furniture, the cycle of product use is extended as much as possible, and the furniture is more durable, thus reducing the energy consumption in reprocessing. "Environmental protection" focuses on the health of the human body. Children, as the future builders of the motherland, are also essential for mental health. Therefore, children's furniture should not only attach importance to environmental protection in nature, but also pay attention to children's mental health.

2, Children sofa is the furniture for children with intelligence. In recent years, as China has stepped onto the international stage from all aspects of politics, economy and sports, competition between foreign countries and China will become more acute and intense. The core of these competitions is the competition of talents, that is, the training of talents, education, training, and the use of competition. Therefore, parents are becoming more and more demanding for their children. They are also extremely concerned about the mental development of their children, and try to cultivate their children to be useful talents. The children's thinking, imagination and hands-on ability are exercised in the subconscious mind of children's furniture, so as to improve their awareness of innovation.

3, a simple and fashionable fashion is a conscious existence. In the era of overflowing fashion, fashion plays a decisive role in the development of society. Children's pursuit of fashion is also in line with the trend of social development. At present, people's fashionable articles are dazzling. Children also want to have their own fashions, children's fashion items are gradually promoted, and children are loved by children. Children's furniture is also developing towards children's fashion.


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