tell you how to choose a sofa bed

- Sep 30, 2017 -

For many small family units, it is a very practical choice to place a sofa bed at home. Sofa bed combines sofa and lie in two kinds of furniture to use function, save a lot of room space to a certain extent. So how do you pick a comfortable and durable sofa bed?

Size should be scientific:

1, sofa bed seat height: seat height between 35 to 42 centimeters, and the length of the leg is almost the same. Too high or too low, is not conducive to the muscles of the body to relax, sit for a long time it is easy to lumbar and leg pain. So it's just the right height. It's very comfortable and relaxing to sit.

2, seat sofa bed depth: is the width of sofa bed, right in between 48 to 65 cm, of course, now the most wide 85 cm, when people try to rely on the back of the sofa, the knee should be in the seat outside. And sofa bed back height should be between 68 and 72 inside, in this range, the human body feel most comfortable.

3, sofa bed backrest inclination: sofa bed backrest inclination would be between 100 to 108 degrees, the height of the handrail in the range of 62 to 65 cm, buy the best time to personally try to sit down, everyone is comfortable, the different height, feeling is different.

4, after opening the sofa bed size: width by defining number, usually 90*190 cm (single bit), 125*180 cm (double digits), 153*196 cm, 160*200 cm, 170*250 cm, in front of three dimensions are relatively common, behind the two size is relatively large.

The spring mattress should be soft:

The quality and comfort of spring mattresses are essential because sofa beds are designed for both sofa and bed use. The softer the spring mattress is, the better the soft and moderate mattress can evenly spread the weight of the body, strengthen the support ability of the spine, and relieve the fatigue of the body. In addition, good ventilation can not be ignored, this characteristic can make the spring mattress maintain good hygiene condition.

Details of fabric stitching:

At present, most sofa beds are fabric fabric, in the choice of time, it is best to choose a relatively thick fabric sofa bed, so that the product is more durable. The warp and weft lines of the fabric should be fine, tight and smooth, without jumping wires and joints exposed.

The stitches on adjacent fabric sewing lines are uniform and straight. High quality fabric color fastness will be high, anti-static and flame retardant properties are good.

Laminating of cloth:

Wrapping, that is, the degree of fit between the fabric and the contents. The cloth should be smooth and stiff, the transition between the handrail and the seat and backrest should be natural, smooth, no wrinkles. Especially if the sofa bed is designed to have some arc position, you should look carefully to see if the cloth is smooth and smooth. In addition, the cloth in the color of the stitching should also pay attention to see - patterns at two different positions of the stitching is coordinated, if it is striped pattern, pay attention to whether the fringe distortion and tilt.

The functionality of a sofa bed:

In small apartment rooms, a sofa bed is necessary to meet the needs of occasional visitors. Normally, sofa bed can be placed in the living room or study, as a function of the chair; guests come night, expand the sofa bed, bedding is a bed. Multifunctional sofa bed to meet the sitting and lying two functions, must be firm and durable, and beautiful, and its materials, processes should be guaranteed. To sit in the sofa during the day, sleep in the sofa, multi-functional sofa bed comfortable and firm, it is very important.

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