What are the characteristics of Children sofa?

- May 06, 2018 -

    Children sofa is one of the environmental friendly furniture. The auxiliary materials for environmental friendly furniture should be energy saving, pollution free and easy to recycle. The design of environmental furniture products in accordance with the principle of ergonomics, reduce redundant functions, in normal and abnormal use, will not have adverse effects and harm to the human body. In the design and production process of environmental friendly furniture, the product life cycle should be extended as far as possible, so that furniture can be more durable, thereby reducing energy consumption in reprocessing. "Environmental protection" pays attention to the health of the human body itself, children, as the builder of the future of the motherland, the mental health is also essential. From this point of view, children's furniture should not only pay attention to the environmental protection of natural aspects, but also pay attention to the mental health of children.

   The size of Children sofa should match the height of the human body. In addition, it should be combined with children's age and body shape, which will make children feel comfortable and beneficial to their healthy growth. In addition, we should also pay attention to whether the size of furniture is in line with the sitting posture and sleeping posture of children. Therefore, the choice of sleeping bed for children is not too soft. Because the children are in the growth and development period, the bones and spine are not fully developed, and the sleeping bed is easy to cause the development and deformation of the children's bones.


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