What kind of cloth is used for the sofa

- Feb 20, 2018 -

The couch is the coat of the sofa, and it is an item that covers the surface of the sofa. Usually, the sofa covers are divided into two types: detachable and non detachable. In general, the sofa will be worn and stained for a long time, and the sofa covers on the sofa will be better for the maintenance of the sofa. So, what is the standard of the sofa suit is better? The sofa cover to choose what material? Below the X group will introduce what kind of material for you.

A: chenille cloth sofa sofa cloth

The couch cloth that we have just talked about is common, and it is also used a lot of sofa cover material material. So at the end of the small series to introduce this sofa is chenille cloth. Then the chenille sofa cover cloth sofa cover cloth compared to other material which features? General chenille sofa set cloth will give us a more high-grade and luxurious feel.

Chenille sofa cloth suede is plump, feel very comfortable. But the chenille sofa sets fabrics which have not good, that is the price expensive, but after the chenille sofa cover cloth dirty on the good care and cleaning.

hat material? Below the X group will introduce what kind of material for you.

Sofa cover cloth two: cotton cloth cover cloth

In fact, when we choose what kind of sofa cloth, we should consider the material of sofa fabric on the one hand, mainly on the comfort and practicality of these sofa sets. However, on the other hand, the material for the sofa covers also has a good effect on the decoration and collocation of the living room. The first thing we know is the whole cotton couch cloth. The advantages of this kind of sofa fabric are that the handle is very good, and it is not easy to pilling. Compared with some sofa material sets with plush material, the price of the cotton sofa sleeve fabric will be much cheaper. The high cost performance has always been the characteristic of the cotton sofa sleeve fabric. And in the numerous sofa cover cloth, the whole cotton sofa cover cloth is also the most used, the most widely used kind of sofa cover cloth.

Sofa cover cloth three: plant fiber sofa cover cloth

Modern people are paying more and more attention to health. Meanwhile, the awareness of environmental protection is also increasing. For sofa sleeve fabrics, people are more concerned about and like those material and environmental friendly sofa sets. The emergence of plant fiber sofa cover cloth, to a great extent, to meet the needs of the people for the sofa cover fabric environmental protection. And the plant fiber sofa cover cloth is very natural environmental protection, plant fiber sofa cover cloth also has the characteristics of absorbing sweat, breathable, breathable, strong and tough, and the price is real. But the fabric like this kind of plant fiber is more suitable for summer use.

Sofa cover cloth four: wool sofa cover cloth

In many sofa set fabrics, there is a class of sofa sleeve fabric material, which has been deeply loved by consumers because of its advantages such as low cost, low cost and diverse styles. And this kind of sofa fabric because of the variety of style and style, so in the choice can be with their own home decoration style. This kind of sofa cover is a woolen sofa. And this kind of sofa cloth can also be customized, it is one of the most popular fashion couch covers in the market. This kind of sofa cover material is more suitable for winter use.

Sofa cover five: linen sofa cover cloth

In the material of the sofa cover cloth, the linen sofa cover cloth is also a kind of more environmentally friendly sofa cover cloth. Everyone knows that the baby mats are made to the flax used in the city. It can be seen that the linen sofa cover is soft and healthy. Moreover, compared with other materials, sofa linen fabrics often give me a natural and simple feeling, and the natural color of linen sofa cloth is also very delicious, especially for modern simple and Chinese style decorated rooms. And this kind of couch cloth is used more in summer.

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