What points should I pay attention to when making custom office furniture?

- Sep 30, 2017 -

With the diversification of the furniture market consumers younger and the structure of the "private custom" overall furniture has become the industry a "dark horse", more and more people love tailored, often easy to fall into the pursuit of personalized effect, ignoring some application and subsequent problems today, Lisa Ya Xiaobian to analyze several mistakes easy to fall into the idea of the overall office furniture design and customization, you also lay the gun?

Office furniture should not be designed at will

Customization is not random, not fancy, just like what you want to do. The current custom, generally refers to the user based on the inherent process on the free choice of material, color, adjust the line, planning space, decoration, hardware and so on, if the user has their own design style and meet different production conditions.

Not all furniture can be made to order

We must first confirm is that not all furniture can be customized, customized products is mainly aimed at solving some difficult space utilization and comparison of the storage demand of private, with the standard size of fixed size different users.

Before the decoration to determine custom-made furniture

Generally speaking, would suggest that users decide after the completion of the renovation of most custom furniture choices, some users in order to speed up the process, often in hard after the installation began to customized products, but the overall style of the decoration is very important for the furniture out of the actual choice, so custom furniture before the completion of the overall renovation of the basic.


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