What's the difference between an office chair and a computer chair?

- Sep 30, 2017 -

In the purchase of office chairs and various household office there is a difference, comparison, office chair sitting position than the home because household than office will normally be a handrail, because of working time not what time it is chatting, not many people will sit in the hand arm a series of office chairs, computer has little practical significance. Also, the seating of a home computer chair is usually deeper than an office chair and can be configured with armrests.

What brand is good to buy office chair, recommended to sit it, feel it, regulation of each component, all the functions, depending on the style, office chair function will be divided into several types, such as seat adjustment, lifting adjustment, seat headrest adjustment before and after adjusting the depth, etc.. General computer chair functions are many, the purchase of a site to test, experience. Especially the feeling of sitting on the buttocks must be carefully understood, whether it is flexible, soft and comfortable. Also, the service life of an office chair is closely related to the material of the sponge. Choose the color to match your desk style and coordinate.

According to the purpose of buying a computer chair will be different, such as office chair meetings generally choose not bow wheels, the work area of the staff generally choose the kind of small wheeled chair, the office of the reception are office chairs, table cloth style which is more generous of the modern novel style of course. Here again a generous natural best sofa, the office chair height, tilting jantho and backrest width are very particular, and other non computer chair for the bar, the height should not be too outrageous, but also have a regulatory function, to adapt to people of different height.

The tilting adjustment of the backrest allows the worker to enjoy the proper time during fatigue. When choosing a computer chair, must check the computer chair structure is reasonable, because this will affect the service life of the chair and the potential problems in the future to prevent future maintenance, spend too much energy and money in the maintenance of computer chair. The quality of a computer chair depends not only on the choice of material, even if the best material, the computer chair price is high, there is no rigorous structure, it is impossible to make high-quality computer chairs.

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