What's the standard size of the sofa?

- Sep 30, 2017 -

Now many people buy sofa furniture when they do not go to furniture stores, basically manufacturers to customize, at the time of custom-made, certainly many people are not very understanding of the size of the sofa,

Size of three person sofa: 2400mm*1190mm*980mm

Sofa size of three people sofa size, the average size of three people sofa size: 1750-1960mm, depth: 800-900mm. If your living room space is larger, it is recommended that you buy continental sofa, European style sofa design is more atmospheric, so the occupation space is relatively large. If you are a small family, the choice of European style furniture will be careful, we must pay attention to the size of the sofa, you can live room layout, size, moderate.

Details: three sofa sofa carved wood (no wood), calm colors, clear user firm, calm mature personality, is famous for its smooth lines and beautiful shape, showing your magnificent artistic taste.

Size of two person sofa: 1580mm*850mm*820mm

Size of sofa, size of double sofa, size of double sofa: length: 1260-1500mm, depth: 800-900mm. Sofa seat size is generally 400mm, and the living room coffee table almost flat high, so that seats are more scientific and reasonable, and living room furniture collocation, looks more spacious.

Details: sofa sofa ivory with elegant colors and exquisite design, small and exquisite, fashionable furniture, utility is more suitable for Chinese and the size of Asians, sofa style design solemn atmosphere, luxurious aristocratic temperament.

Size of single sofa: 1300mm*1020mm*1000mm

Sofa size single sofa size, general single sofa size: length: 800-950mm, depth: 850-900mm; seat height: 350-420mm; back height: 700-900mm. European style furniture is generally more atmospheric, large space occupation, suitable for large family. The comfort of a single sofa is very important. The armchair of a single sofa sofa is generally 560-600mm high. Sofa should be soft and moderate, too hard or soft sofa will sit back, backache.

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