Which material of the sofa is better

- Feb 20, 2018 -

The fabric is one of the most common sofa material, because of its good permeability, contact with the skin is more dry and comfortable, so favored by consumers, in addition to weaving in different ways, can design a variety of fabric fabric, meet consumer demand for different style.

The common sofa cloth is divided into four kinds: jacquard cloth, flannelette, flat cloth and printing cloth. The jacquard pattern is the yarn through the machine woven, so feel more thick, more stereoscopic; cloth with a shiny, smooth touch; the same plain cloth and jacquard weaving process, but the show group fine, stereo sense is not obvious; the use of calico printing, back color, suitable for low temperature water.

Leather sofa is welcomed by consumers with soft and warm touch. With the increase of years, leather will become softer and more delicious, and its surface will also shine.

There are four kinds of cortex commonly used on the surface of the sofa: all benzene dye skin, coating skin, buffalo leather, synthetic skin. All natural leather leather exquisite benzene, Bitch, easy to crack, good feeling; in the process of making leather coating plus chemical coating, strengthen the toughness; buffalo leather material for hard, poor softness; synthetic leather made PVC and PU plastic rubber.

Most see the general market for wooden board with wood sofa, wooden sofa with modern Chinese style, it abandoned the traditional Chinese style furniture and elaborate carved lines, which will simplify as far as possible, in line with consumer aesthetic perspective and highlight its use effect, not only to retain the traditional Chinese style furniture is a symbol of the spirit, and can meet modern people's needs.

There are many on the market commonly used wood, according to different materials, the price is also different, common wood including: ash, beech, oak, birch, fir, walnut, elm, maple, mahogany etc.. The wood is hard, strong shock resistance ash, beech, oak, elm, mahogany; and soft material, good durability of Chinese fir and maple wood; delicate and shiny, feel good with birch and walnut

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