Cleaning And Maintenance Of Children's Chairs

- Aug 18, 2018 -

1. Kids Chair  should avoid direct sunlight. When high-temperature objects are placed on furniture, they must be padded with heat-insulating cushions under them to avoid affecting their service life. Children's chairs should be placed in a well-lit area. If the children's dining chairs are placed sideways, the light should be kept from the left. Children's chairs are as few as possible and placed against the wall to expand children's activity space.

2. Children's chair must not be stained with colored water or acid-base solution. If it occupies water, it should be dried immediately with dry cloth. If it is stained with colored liquid or other harmful liquid, it should be cleaned or washed immediately according to the requirements of furniture label. It can not be washed and bleached. If it is found that the thread is loose, it can not be broken by hand, and scissors should be used to cut it neatly. Flat;

3. Wooden children's chairs should be tightened if the structure is loose before use. Clean up the dust with soft cloth along the grain of wood dust, soft cloth should be stained with spray detergent, do not wipe with dry cloth, in order to avoid rubbing. It is not advisable to rinse furniture with alkaline water or boiled water or to place high concentration of alcohol to avoid damaging the surface of furniture.

4. It is not advisable to hit the children's chair with heavy objects, drag and grind the surface, or cut things on the children's dining chair surface, or apply gravity to clean the surface. It is also not advisable to repair children's chairs with pigments different from furniture's original paint. Every year, children's chairs should be cleaned with Fan Li water to keep the color bright.

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