Four Kinds Of Commonly Used Fabric Sofa Fabric Types And Characteristics

- Sep 30, 2017 -

There are many kinds of sofa fabrics, each of which has its own unique advantages. As the most popular fabric sofa in the market, comfortable and warm, comfortable sitting. Especially in autumn and winter, cloth fabric sofa relative to leather sofa, so you can feel the warmth of home. There are many kinds of fabric in the market, maybe you will pick dazzled, which is a good fabric sofa fabric, sofa Xuan below, with everyone together to understand the comparison of several popular fabric sofa fabric type and its characteristics.

1 lint

Velvet fabric sofa, soft texture, feel comfortable and flexible. From the past to now corduroy suede, velvet to fashion, from the flashy constantly change and elegant in. Relative to other cloth fabric, flannel fabric price slightly expensive.

2, pure cotton

Pure cotton fabric sofa, breathable better, close to the skin, and natural environmental protection. The heat resistance and alkali resistance of pure cotton make the sofa made of pure cotton fabrics not easy to be damaged during cleaning or cleaning.

3, blended

Cotton and chemical fiber materials blended fabric sofa, can show or silk, or lint, or hemp visual effects. In recent years, with the rise of differential chemical fiber and blended fiber and blended fabric, with the improvement of dyeing and finishing process, the fabric sofa with soft fabric, high feel and high simulation effect can be almost false.

4 linen

Linen fabric sofa in addition to its good permeability and wear-resistant, the biggest feature is that its thermal conductivity, the so-called "cool in summer and winter" is best suited to describe its characteristics.

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