General Principles Of Sofa Placement

- Sep 30, 2017 -

1, sofa length to meet the size of the room. For the sofa, we should consider the length and width, whether it is in the size of the room, and the size of the room, the sofa height, usually below the knee is appropriate.

2, the sofa does not have sharp corners. On both sides of the sofa can not be a corner of a cabinet or desk, kitchen corner, makeup corner shooting, easy to make people suffer from migraine. A thorny plant can't be too close to a sofa.

3. There is no fish tank and water things behind the sofa. There is a fish and water items for the back of the sofa, the sofa behind our fight to win or die, so don't have water items, the tank placed on the back of the sofa is very good, fish tank placed in the front or side of a good sofa.

4, to avoid the beam coping sofa. In order to avoid a sense of oppression, but also conducive to people's physical and mental health, relatively bad, so when placed sofa should try to avoid.

5, sofa ornaments form encircle shape. Don't put the sofa decoration in a row, to put into a L shape, or two right angles to give word, surrounded by Tibetan wind gas accumulation, and the popularity of wealth.

6, the sofa is on, do not have direct light. The lamp should be installed on the top of the tea table in front of the sofa. Don't put it on the top, or strong light will come straight from behind. Sitting on the sofa will make you feel dizzy and dizzy.

7, do not have a big mirror behind the sofa. The mirror hanging on the wall, it will make the room more spacious, but don't * * * * hang a mirror behind the main part of the sofa, from feng shui theory, there is a mirror reflection of the role, so this position can not hang a mirror can not casually hang.

8, the sofa does not form a straight line with the gate. This is not good for the opposition to the door. In this case, * * * removes the sofa a little distance, not to the right.

9, sofa behind should depend on. The so-called "rely on", that is, "backer" refers to the sofa after the solid wall, if the sofa is behind the window, door and channel, empty one, the lack of security.

10, sofa placed in the home of kyrgyzstan. The sofa should be placed in the living room sofa is Kyrgyzstan, one family often sit. If placed in Kyrgyzstan, then the family can benefit, but also according to their joy to couch.

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