How Do You Choose To Buy A Suitable Computer Chair?

- Feb 19, 2018 -

Now the popularity of the computer, but most people only on the computer and carefully selected on the computer chair in casual attitude, this is not right, because of the poor quality of the computer chair not only harmful to health, and easy to damage, and ultimately, in the economy is not economical. So we must choose a practical one. Look at the computer chair, what should notice when the choice?

1. Observe the cushion. The general computer chair is a sponge cushion. And good cushion costs are high, so some businesses do articles on the cushion for reducing costs, such as reducing the thickness of the sponge, or the strength of the material is not enough. A good seat cushion

It is generally thick and has a curved curved curve that fits in to the human butt. In addition, good cushions are good. If the cushion is thinner, it is not comfortable to sit on. If the cushion is very thick, but not elastic, the merchant may use the poor material.

2, sit feeling. If the design is reasonable, the chair is generally comfortable to sit, the seat of the seat has a good acceptance, inclusive, and not feel uncomfortable.

3, the back of the back should be reliable. The back of some chairs is looser, and the back will make noise, so the chair is easily damaged.

4, try to shake the left and right, if the overall structure of the chair is unstable, it is easy to damage.

5, the armrest, hand in the armrest, whether it feels comfortable.

6, gas bar, if you buy chair, attempts to lift chair, feel some lifting is smooth, if feel dry, the air quality is not good bar

7, the unfettered function, some chairs have the back free function, try to open the free function, feel a little.

8, turn the chair over and watch its hidden structure. If it is found that the parts are rough and even rusty, they are inferior products.

9, if you are buying a chair, then check the wheels move smoothly, if dry, belong to inferior products.

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