How Does A Sofa Look Good Or Bad?

- Sep 30, 2017 -

1, skeleton: the stronger the better

The sofa is wood structure, wood, pine, and even the old wood and sheet. Many consumers believe that the more heavy furniture the better, in fact, should be the same material furniture, the more heavy the better. Some furniture with cape, leftover material, and even bark filling, sofa backrest or handrails side, the weight is not light, but the use of a long time will break.

Low price with a little pine hardwood, useful medium, in the framework of northeast larch, pine than the general hard, not easy to deformation, biting nails firmly. Outside the wood in the United States, yellow poplar, deformation, cracking, texture clear.

The skeleton of the auxiliary structure, as well as single panels, MDF, plywood and so on, not only material difference is great, environmental performance difference is also very big, especially formaldehyde content, have to consider.

Buy a coup: the skeleton is generally enclosed in the outer package, consumers can not see. However, there are many well-known brands will sofa bottom cloth curtain zipper openings, you can easily see the sofa's internal structure.

If it is closed type, to know whether the sofa frame is strong, you can lift three people in one end of the sofa, pay attention to when lifting part of the ground from the 10cm, if the other leg is also off the ground, indicating that the skeleton is strong.

2, cushion: the more rebound the better

There are two types of cushions for sofas. One is spring bags, and the other is full sponge. Low end sofa is also useful snake shaped vertical spring and foam rubber, doll sponge, this deformation is not durable, rubber hardening uncomfortable, basically only 3~5 years of life. The medium and high-end products are made of firmer high elasticity bandage and hard - won S - shaped transverse spring, and the filling material mainly has high resilience memory sponge

Cushion should choose 36 kilograms / cubic meters of high foam foam sponge, back pad should use density 25 kg / cubic meters of high foam foam sponge, not easy to deformation.

Filling and cotton sofa, generally placed in the sponge layer, increase the flexibility of the sofa comfort. The sofa corner and back in the area there is filled with cotton, soft and fluffy, feel smooth, warm and comfortable, good permeability. Latte is a classic product, also used down, which should be considered the best filler, warm, comfortable, breathable, comfortable sitting feeling, but also in accordance with the different parts of the body, automatic modeling and set off.

Buy coup: Test sofa back stretch is best to let the body of free fall sitting on the sofa, sofa cushion body at least is played more than 2 times, in order to ensure that this set of sofa of good elasticity, abnormal sound and don't have the spring, that life will be longer.  Use the hand to press the sofa armrest and backrest, if can obviously notice that the existence of, it is proved that this sofa filling density is not high, flexibility is not good enough. Easily according to the wooden sofa sofa sets would accelerate wear, reduce the service life of sofa

3, fabric: the higher the better

Sofa's finish to leather and fabric based, including imitation leather, microfiber skin, PU leather, not to consider. 50% of the cost of leather sofa is leather, the first layer of leather imported from Italy was the best, the embryo skin flexible firm, leather processing parts, feel smooth and soft, the smell of light is better for the environment.

Followed by domestic cowhide, medium end products are more common. Don't listen to salespeople saying their sofas are made of calfskin or sheepskin, rare. In general there will be a small piece of leather leather sofa in the trademark bag or with a thread nail on the sofa. It is said that under 10 thousand yuan is not buy leather sofa, this statement can refer to.

As for fabric, a wide range of types, fabrics can be divided into domestic and imported, fabrics vary greatly, generally distributed linen, cotton, blending, chemical fiber. Europe and the United States specializing in the production of special sofa fabric, excellent quality, small color difference, high color fastness, fabric weft angle, especially some high-grade fabrics, in order to improve the antifouling ability, the surface has also been a special treatment. Imported high-grade fabric also has anti-static, flame retardant and other functions. Cotton, hemp is a common natural material.

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