How To Choose A Sofa?

- May 23, 2018 -

Sofa is the furniture that uses very high frequency in the home, the whole family sits on sofa to watch TV together, chat, not very joyful! But the choice of sofa is not so easy, once the sofa quality problems, and manufacturers communication, replacement maintenance and so on test the patience and patience. How to choose a sofa?

When choosing sofa, the most taboo is not to take up, including other things such as home environment, family members and so on. If a sofa does not fit in with the home environment, it will not be bought even if it looks good, because in use, you will find it very eyesore; if it is not with the identity of the family members and the use of the needs, there will be a big chance of problems in the use, such as the children's families do not choose the corner.  A more sharp sofa, a user with an old man.

The professor suggested:

1. Sofa dominates furniture style. If possible, buy sofa first and buy other furniture afterwards.

2, fully consider the characteristics of family members, according to the characteristics and needs of the sofa;

3, sofa size and combination should be determined according to the size and style of the home.

The sentence is absolutely a famous saying, unless there is a very special situation, if you want to get a good product, the price will not be low. For sofa, too, a sofa with better quality must have the same price as it does. If the price is too low, you need to hold back to the temptation and carefully consider whether there is any cat and cat behind this low price, and the sky will not lose the pie without any reason. Of course, this is not to say that we must buy high prices for shopping, and truly cost-effective products are the most worth buying.

The professor advised: pay attention to "cost performance" is not equal to "super low price", and buying price is not buying low price naturally.

As part of the direct exposure and direct exposure to the human body, the position of the fabric of the sofa is very important, which requires good quality and comfort. Only the quality of the fabric, can ensure that the sofa can withstand a variety of ravages, with a longer life span, and only a comfortable touch, it is possible to use the comfort, safety, use.

The professor suggested:

1, leather sofa to pull the leather surface, to see if there will be cracks and mottling appear, if there is a sure quality is not good.

2, the sofa feel uncomfortable to do not buy;

3, pay attention to whether the sofa will fade, whether it is easy to clean.

If the sofa has a more obvious odor, especially the irritating flavor, then it shows that the emission of this sofa formaldehyde and other harmful components is exceeding the standard, which will seriously affect the safety and health of the users, and such products are certainly not to be purchased.  In addition, if the sofa has a strong fragrance, it needs careful purchase.

The professor suggests that the sofa with better smell and less irritation is better.

Devil is often hidden in details, often details can truly reflect the level and quality of a product's work. Sofa is also the case, carefully watch the sofa's stitches, surface, corner, sofa foot and other details, you can judge whether a sofa is excellent. If the sewing thread of a sofa is not uniform, inaccurate and unequal, then the quality of the workmanship of this sofa can be judged basically. If there is an irregular concave and uneven surface of a sofa, the sofa will certainly not be bought.

The professor suggested:

1, the more attention to detail and details, the more trustworthy this sofa is.

2, special attention points: suture, surface, sofa foot, corner.

A good sofa should be of a firm structure. Even if it is rocked with high intensity, there should be no loose or unstable condition. The key to the stability of the sofa structure lies in the design of the internal frame and the working of the material. In general, if the interior frame structure of the sofa is reasonable and the hardwood is used in high strength, it will be stable and the service life will be longer.

The professor suggested:

1, if you can, take a look at the sofa's frame.

2, a good sofa frame should be made of square wood and reinforced with side panels.

3. The frame should be mortise tenon structure and less nails.

4. Frame material is best for solid wood, but hardwood is better.

5, shake hard, watch the performance of the sofa.

Sofa is for people to enjoy, sitting comfortably or naturally is extremely important. There are many factors related to sofa comfort, such as whether the surface of sofa is in line with human body curve, the softness and hardness of sofa, the height of seat surface, etc. Generally speaking, the sofa should be in accordance with the ergonomics design, soft and hard, the seat height should be equal or slightly lower than the height of the leg plus the heel of the shoe, sitting up to be comfortable. Besides, apart from these, the width of the sofa seat and the height and angle of the rear backrest should also be paid attention to.

The professor suggested:

1. According to the ergonomics curve design;

2. The height of the sofa is equal to or slightly lower than the height of the heel of the person plus the heel of the shoe.

3, the width of the front seat of the sofa seat should not be less than 48 cm, the sofa should be 95 cm or more, and the three person should be between 140-145 cm.

4, the depth of the seat should be better if the knee is still on the sofa surface when the body is sitting on the sofa as far as possible.

5. The height of the rear backrest is suitable for sitting between shoulder and shoulder, and the inclination is 100-108 degrees.

6, the height of the armrest on both sides is between 62-65 cm.

In traditional impression, softer sofa is better, but in fact, it is not so. If sofa is too soft, people will be unbalanced and unstable if they sit down.

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