How To Identify The Quality Of Fabric Sofa?

- Sep 30, 2017 -

In recent years, fabric sofa with its fashionable style, relatively cheap prices and sitting comfortable feeling attracted more and more people to buy. Changeable and affordable is the selling point of cloth art sofa, plus the style follows the trend, and the fashion concept is very hot.

In addition, sofa in the structure and the combination of the traditional sofa first attack, sofa seat no longer together, but also by the combination of play, single corner sofa armrest sofa together, look at. In this way, short and long sofa collocation, flexible collocation in furniture, adapt to the modern pursuit of leisure demand.

Quality identification: all inclusive sofa check the quality of the frame, please be sure to ask sales or production staff to open the back of the mask cloth to view the inside. The main framework should use other available wood tenon; screws. The interior frame is all made of nail and nail, and the sofa should be purchased; otherwise, even if the wooden frame is not bad at the moment, the frame must be loosened soon after use. The framework timber should be solid wood. Too soft wood, such as pine (larch), poplar wood, basswood, do not have the sofa frame; split, moth, decay and scar knot section of more than 1/3 can not use wood. The moisture content of wood should be below 16%. There must be no fracture, lack of wood or loosening at the joint. After internal check, check from external. Single leg pressed on the seat surface, and then twist your hands back, if feel not loose, not a squeaky voice, they can still prove the framework of quality.

Fabric choice: no matter what kind of masked material should be tight, how to squeeze, roll, rub, should not feel relaxed feeling. Otherwise, soon after use, it will relax and lose its good condition, and the comfort of sitting will be affected. The soft pad used on the sofa and chair shall also be checked in accordance with the above requirements.

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