Living Room Sofa What Material Is Good?

- Sep 30, 2017 -

Today, furniture market, a variety of household sofa material. But what kind of material is good? I believe it is a question that many friends will ask when choosing furniture. The characteristics of different materials sofa and gives people the feeling is different

Living room sofa - fabric sofa

Mainly refers to the main material is cloth sofa, through the art processing, to achieve certain artistic effects, to meet people's living needs.

Advantages: the biggest benefit of sofa sofa sofa cloth material is ready to replace the color you want, patterns, different levels to meet the needs and taste, easy to wash, also has a very high degree of comfort.

Disadvantages: surface fabric easily dirty, not easy to take care of, although all can be removed and cleaned, but the color will change, generally washed a few times, it will appear old feeling.  An easily deformed problem of poor quality.

The living room sofa, rattan sofa

Advantages: rattan sofa is generally in previous years common sofa, it will be the perfect simplicity and elegance together, it shows a rhythm of a modern and classical sense of coexistence, it brings in not only a life to enjoy a high-quality, can make use of a chastity. Feel feel.

Disadvantages: it is a "hot" "guy", so, when using it, try to avoid the high temperature, but also should pay attention to moisture, otherwise it is easy to bend, crack.

Living room sofa - leather art sofa

Advantages: leather art sofa relative to other materials sofa, more texture, more on the grade, in the price is also relatively high. A leather chair made from the processing of animal skin. The utility model has the functions of air permeability and softness, and the like is very comfortable for people to sit up and is not easy to dirty.

Disadvantages: because of the use of leather sofa for a period of time, the internal fat will be volatile, lost and hardened, and therefore need to maintain care.

Living room sofa - wooden sofa

Advantages: diverse styles. There are American, modern, European, Chinese and other styles. Each style is not the same shape. People feel high-grade, high-grade. Generally speaking, so choose wooden sofa, it is better to choose solid wood.

Disadvantages: wooden sofa if it contains formaldehyde, it is difficult to evaporate, if the wood moisture content. It's easy to deform in a damp place. At the same time, wooden sofa can not be close to the heating, there is also around the heater.

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