- May 25, 2018 -

Now, with the improvement of people's living standards, furniture is also more professional, Shenyang sofa maintenance small editor found that children's sofa is now more and more popular, children's room furniture to meet the children's own characteristics can help the growth and development of children.

Children's sofa in conformity with physical mechanics

Professional children's sofa is designed according to the body of children, children sofa and adult sofa obviously different, the soft hardness of children's sofa is also required, because children are in the development period of the body, children's sofa must be conducive to the development of children's spine, to ensure that children sitting on the sofa will not be bent on the spine of the spine Let children sit on the sofa and straighten their body.

Multi style children's sofa

Children sofa style design tends to diversify, different age groups of children choose different sofa, in order to meet the psychological characteristics of children, designers have designed a variety of different shapes of children sofa, children's sofa is often designed as a big toy, children sitting on such a sofa is very comfortable, which is in line with children's love. The nature of playing. The sofa with different shapes will also help children to establish themselves and develop their children's personality, which is very beneficial to children's mental health.

Children's sofa must meet the requirements of environmental protection

The children's sofa is very demanding for making materials. In the process of making, it is absolutely not allowed to use toxic and harmful substances, especially those that can't be used as formaldehyde or other adhesives. Children's sofa also can not use some lead paint, so as not to lead to lead content in children's blood exceed the standard, affect the physical development of children. Children's sofa should be fully consistent with environmental standards, so that children can grow healthily.

Brightly colored children's sofa

Children's sofa is an important furniture for children's room. Colorful children's sofa is suitable for children's psychological characteristics and is conducive to children's growth. First of all, children like their own rooms are arranged beautiful and generous, colorful children's sofa let children have a feeling in the fairy world, can produce a happy mood. Secondly, brightly colored children's sofa will enable children to have a sense of identity in their own room, and will stimulate children's imagination.

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