What Chair Is Good For A Child To Write

- May 23, 2018 -

In order for children to grow normally, don't underestimate the selection of writing tables at home.

Most children's humpback is caused by sitting uncomfortably in study. Chairs are too low, they can only stretch their necks, and chairs are too high to bend. Only the body, the table, the chair, the three collocation is reasonable, the child's waist can be straight.

Generally speaking, primary school table and chair specifications are generally 63 centimeters high, and chairs will be selected to 32 centimeters, which is more suitable for the proportion of children's stature, for most pupils, such a high chair is more comfortable to sit on.

After junior high school, chairs and tables should be increased by 5~10 centimeters.

The back of the chair is also very important, many families in the choice of chairs are willing to choose the back more soft, so it seems very comfortable to swing on, they let the children sit in such a chair, and some families for beauty, choose some straight back chairs, the chair's back design is not suitable for study. The backrest of the chair is best fitted to the child's spine physiological curve, with a little back up at the top.

The rocking soft back chair increases the risk of child's waist injury. Straight back of the chair will make the child feel uncomfortable and push forward.

It is much better to fit in with the physiological curve. When a child is watching a computer screen or reading a book, he will rise up and hold his chest as long as he leaned back.

The armrest of the chair is also very important, the armrest of the chair must be fixed, the arm is supported on the top when the bending degree is slightly more than 90 degrees, which can make the sitting posture more perfect.

Too slippery chairs can't be bought, some plastic and painted chairs look beautiful, but because they are too slippery and lack of a minimum stability, the child can sit on any position. The best material is the surface of solid wood and cloth, and the posture is relatively fixed on it.

In line with the above conditions, it is not a good chair that will not allow children to bend in their studies. Parents should also be good at observing children's sitting posture. As their age increases, tables and chairs should be transformed accordingly. For the children who have the situation of humpback, we can choose some sitting posture rectifying chairs. When students learn, they can play the role of coercive correction to ensure the growth of the children.


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